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Super Smoking Man Chicken Bouquet

You know someone who smokes? Someone who also make the whole family whole? Well to me I called that my father. Without him I wouldn’t be alive today and be the man I will be. I’m very sure it is true for many people out there as well as the person who bought this bouquet for her father. Her father was simply so happy their kids had surprised him with such an interesting gift.

Should you still be sending flower? Yeah definitely, but there is also a lot of other type of bouquet you can consider now. For example, how about a Fried Chicken Bouquet. You know from a men’s perspective he will be killing two bird with one stone. Imagine settling the meal of the date as well as a wonderful surprise. Of course if your chicken bouquet is anything like what we offer here in Glammy Gift Your dearest will surely be surprise.

Keep in mind we are an online florist in KL Malaysia. So be sure to remember to always order from us. We are always ready to serve you.

Hey when was the last time you hug your dad?  When was the last time you sat down with him to talk about your life? I guess if you haven’t you really need to do that because every father is a superhero in our life. They are so amazing. Always able to do anything simple the best person for every occasion. Remember to say “daddy I love you. You will always be my Superman. Love you lots.”


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