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Manchester United Football “Snack Plate” Chicken Bouquet

There is MU ball in this bouquet meaning whoever received this bouquet must love the Manchester United football team. We looked everywhere for this ball because the receiver loved this team. We were lucky to have fulfil their small little dream. Congratulations.

Recently there has been a spike of interest in “fried chicken bouquet.” I guess now-a-days people got bored of receiving flowers. I think all the online florist in KL and physical flower shop should start advocating for these chicken bouquets. Youngsters like different things and that what Glammy Gift will give. Being different is actually scary though because who knows, maybe your friend might not like receiving an oily fried chicken wrap up like a bouquet for valentine’s day or for her/his birthday we never really know even if we have a crystal ball that could predict the future. But it’s okay. Keep calm and just try something else. Always keep trying and eventually you will get it right.

Manchester United Fan? Here is some of their Quotes

Did you know Bobby Charlton was one of Manchester United’s top scorer of all time until 2017? He has a total of 249 goals until Wayne Rooney beat his record. Here is a quote from these 2 amazing players.

“The first 90 minutes of the match is the most important” – Bobby Charlton.

“I grew up hating Liverpool and that hasn’t changed.” – Wayne Rooney

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