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Healthy Greens Naughty Delicious Chicken Bouquet

While eating fried chicken can be very good for your tummy but it surely isn’t the best in terms of your health. The best way is always to have a balance of both. That’s why this bouquet wants to remind you that always have a balance in life. Always remember to eat all your greens as well as all your favourite food. If you don’t the world will never go round the same way again.

I hope the receiver gets my message. Congratulations.

You know getting old is not a good thing. Why? simply because I can’t enjoy all the fried chicken in the world anymore. I actually have to start considering all the ugly vegetables you see in our bouquets. They don’t exactly look ugly, instead the designer did a great job here. If I were to received this bouquet I would ask my grandma to make her awesome soup with all the green and colorful ingredient you see here.

Keep in mind Glammy Gift is the sole distributor for vege and fried chicken bouquet because we just like it to be that way. we are also one of many many online florist in Malaysia. have a look at some of our other creation of chicken bouquet available.

Fun Facts About Eating Vegetables

  • you should hold a bread in your mouth while cutting onions to avoid crying.
  • don’t consume to much carrots because it can sometimes turn your skin yellowish green.
  • pumpkin first appeared in the 17th century when Cinderella was written.
  • did you know the word exotic was once used to describe broccoli inside home garden. (I wonder what happen tho)

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