How To Order in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Tell Us What You Want
  • First, what you need to do is screenshot the design that you wish to have from our website or others and send it to us.
  • Tell us your requirement (For what occasion, colour, round/side design)
Step 2 - Who, When and Where
  • Tell us your delivery date and time/ self pick up from us
  • Send us recipient name, phone number and address.
  • If you wish to write any message for your beloved, send it to us too. (The card is FREE ||)
Step 3 - Make Payment to...
  • Make payment and send us your proof of payment.
Maybank – TAN YEE MAN 112353189740 Go to Maybank Website
CIMB – TAN YEE MAN 7009838476 Go to CIMB Website
  • And we will proceed your order.
  • We need to have minimum 6 hours in advance to process your order.
Step 4 - Buyer Notification
  • After done delivery you will get a notification from us.
Step 5 - The Most Important Part...
  • Share us on Facebook Glammy Gift and tag us to receive a secret surprise from Glammy Gift.

Glammy Gift Florist Tags Example:

“Thanks Dear @glammygift for sending me the beautiful flowers.”

That Simple.

Collect 3 of these Tag in the picture, to redeem a Mystery Gift From us.


On your next purchase get an instant Cash Rebate.

(Please contact SUMMER 010 299 2622 if you wish to customize your own unique flowers and confident enough with her design)

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