Mermaid Bouquet

Mermaid Bouquet was inspire from the Disney characters, our head creative floral designer love so much. With some inspiration from her childhood memories.

Have you seen the Little Mermaid? If you did you know what this bouquet is about. If you didn’t then here is what Little Mermaid is all about in a nutshell.

There was this beautiful little mermaid who lived under the sea. Who love everything about eh surface dwellers. Who have also been collecting all of their stuff when ever it is thrown over into the sea. Little mermaid kept on dreaming about what life would be like on the surface. She decided to take a risk and made a deal with the octopus witch in exchange for her beautiful voice.

Of course she get to see her prince that she dreams of everyday. The witch died and Little Mermaid and the prince lived happily ever after. Note. She got her voice back once the witch died.

So what does this bouquet have anything to do with you? Its quite romantic actually. Imagine yourself to be the little mermaid waiting for her prince charming. and the man of your dreams or not send you this Mermaid Bouquet. It means he is your prince and you guys will be happily ever after just like the Disney Cartoon The Little Mermaid.

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