Flower Bouquet – Pastel Design #1


Pastel Design type of flower bouquet.



Flower bouquet are now one of the most bought gifts around the world. Buying flowers for the maiden dates back so long that it might not be recorded. The simple act of plucking a few blooms are often shown in classical films when it was still black and white.

Flower bouquets are often used as a gifts and its also use in other occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, graduation, birthday and most importantly the day when roses is the most expensive of the year, Valentine’s Day.

Wedding Flower Bouquet Traditions

Flower  bouquets comes in many types one such types is the hand bouquet. This type of bouquet is usually used by the bridesmaids for handheld purpose. Another bigger and more extravagance bouquet can be found in the hands of the bride.

At the end of each Brides wedding she would stand in front of the crowd and throw the flower while standing back facing the crowd and toss it behind. Whoever manage to catches the bouquet is said to wed soon.

Evolution of the Bouquet Designs

From the early days when the bouquet was mix with roses and other species of flowers and there has been a lot of change and improvements. Those improvement might not always reflect a leap in technology but in their creative bouquet designs.

There are now bouquet made in the forms of fruits bouquet, ferrero rocher bouquet, KFC bouquet(yes you hear right there is now a trend where people like to send and receive chickens in their bouquets) vegetable bouquet.

We’ve even seen and heard request that the king of fruits, the Durian has been innovated to combine with some flowers as these creates viral traction for the floral industry.

These design and industry leap have come a long way. We believe there will always be new design created by people so long as there is a needs to be different.


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