Disney Tsum Tsum Bouquet

Tsum Tsum bouquets are one of our top selling creations. The main reason is due to the growing popularity of the Disney character in the shape of a cute little round soft toy. These soft toys are especially popular with little kids and also the ladies who love and adore anything cute.

In Malaysia there has been numerous promotion of these soft toys in popular mega malls in Sunway Pyramid as well as Mid valley Mega Mall. All of the road show surrounding these soft toys are always very warm welcome by all age groups. Other than being in the form of a plush toy they are also in the shape of a pencil box, cushion, bag, eating utensils, etc.

Its basically everywhere. At Glammygift we borrow the popular product and with our designer’s creation made it into a bouquet. Now anyone can order a tsum tsum bouquet from us. Have a look at all the adorable bouquet we have to offer.

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Fun Facts About our Tsum Tsum Bouquet

Our Tsum Tsum Bouquets are actually one of the first bouquet to be ever created in Malaysia. Glammy Gift is actually the first Florist in Malaysia that started the Tsum Tsum Bouquet trend.

Right after we traveled overseas to Japan Disneyland we saw these really cute toys that is “all the rage.” The Disney theme store was filled with mostly female of all ages cuddling and taking pictures with these toys. Sure enough we thought it was extremely adorable too.

We ended up buying loads back as souvenirs.

By the time our designer graduated from college she created her very first Tsum Tsum bouquet to her own graduation. Everyone at the convocation saw the bouquet and were immediately mesmerise by the bouquet. Not too long later we started getting inquiries from all around us about the particular Tsum Tsum bouquet they saw at the convocation.

And thats the whole story of how we started selling these adorable soft toys as a bouquet to our most adorable customers.

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