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Sunflower Graduation Bouquet K-Pop Style

One of the best graduation bouquet you can ever consider is something more modern. Graduation should be a day of happiness and also the start of a new stage in life. Sunflower is like the symbol of a new day like a new awakening. So remember to order a sunflower and match it with any modern design for a feel good graduation.

Price : RM165


Ah… Graduation. I could still remember quite well my graduation. There were lots of people taking pictures with their families. There were also a lot of these trucks parking near our convocation area selling graduation bouquets. I remember there wasn’t even one I could consider acceptable. I mean graduation day is seriously like one of the most important day.

It is the end of one big stage in our life and a day that bring us forward to our working stage. In this day I would very much want to have a really beautiful graduation bouquet holding in my hand. That is also why you should consider buying yours from us. We are an online florist in KL and we can deliver beautiful flowers for your big day.

You must make sure to always order in advance as we don’t have physical flower shop. On such an honorable day its best to prepare for the best pictures you will be taken. Get your graduation bouquet from us and be the proudest graduate on your big day.


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